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Motorcycle Accidents Free Consultation
If you know someone who has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you want an attorney who is an avid motorcycle rider. At the law firm of Brett E. Blumstein, P.C., many of the attorneys also ride motorcycles.

Our law firm is here to help

  • We can assist throughout California.
  • Motorcycle accidents are not always the same as car accidents.
  • If needed we will travel to you and your family.

Free Consultation

Explore your options with one of our attorneys today. We offer a free initial phone consultation, during which we can discuss your case. This is an excellent opportunity for you to decide if our firm is right for you. Call us at 888-977-2254 to get started.

We can assist you through biker specific legal issues.

  • Many times, police reports can go against the biker unfairly.
  • Unfortunately, many people have negative opinions about bikers.
  • Call us today and we can discuss how to ensure your rights are protected.